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Top 5 Luxury Places To Stay in Tulum

Tulum is one of our favorite vacation spots for so many reasons – chill vibe, cool art scene, epic foodie destination, Cenotes, and more. The question is, where do you stay? Here are our top five luxury places to stay in this old Mexican town just two hours away from Cancun. Try them all.

Papaya Playa Project

Papaya Playa Project exudes the Tulum vibe – artistic, organic and filled with energy. Located at the north end of the beach section of Tulum, it’s easy to get to. 

If you rented a car, there’s parking on site. Speaking of parking, you need to pay attention if you’re driving. Look up Google Street View before you come so you know what you’re looking for – a big blank gate. You simply drive up to the gate, an attendant comes through a small door to greet you, verify you’re a guest and then the big gates open to reveal this cool resort. 

Check-in is easy, you’re greeted right away, offered a cool towel and water and sit in the open air entry villa while they prepare your paperwork. The paperwork is brought to you to sign, then you’re escorted to your room.

The rooms are what make this place standout. You have your choice of a romantic, intimate cabaña, an enticing casita with a dipping pool to watch the stars or be surrounded by the jungle, or a private beachfront villa, expansive and secluded, will cater to your whims.

We booked one of their truly unique Jungle Casitas with a pool. Now this is not just any pool, but a pool on the roof of your Casita with a view of the ocean. One of just 10 rooms, these are tucked back off the ocean and surrounded by the jungle. They are a stand alone building built from concrete. The room is a large dome with a concrete 5’ wall separating the bed area with the bathroom. The bathroom is a large open area with a shower in the wall and a private toilet area.

Spending mornings and evenings on our rooftop deck, either cooling off in the pool or sitting in one of the comfy chairs to watch the world go by was what made this room truly unique. 

For something on a smaller scale, the Cabañas are perfect. Be aware that many of these are right on main walkways around the property, so privacy is limited. 

Looking for something grand, then book one of the Villas. These are homes situated right on the beach. These feature 4-5 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 guests.  Whether you’re coming with a group or just want to spread out in luxury, these are worth considering.


Azulik is probably the most unique property in Tulum and possibly the world. If you’ve ever checked out #tulum on Instagram, then you’ve seen Azulik. The quote from their website: “The villas of AZULIK Tulum were designed to create an atmosphere for rest, where they limit technology to reduce its impact on the environment and your ability to get in tune with your surroundings.” really sums up the property.

Don’t expect all the luxury niceties here. This is all about a unique experience. Electrical outlets are limited in the rooms, most rooms don’t have AC, or many walls for that matter. What they all have is a perfectly Instagramable setting that is second to none. 

Access to the property is limited for non-guests. The property is so popular people line up for hours to get into one of the 3 restaurants for dinner or drinks. Be sure to read about our epic dinner at Kin Toh.

This is an epic place to stay. We’re planning to stay here when we come back. Given the room setup, we’ll only plan to do a night or 2 then head to another property for the rest of our stay.

Photos courtesy of Azulik Tulum.

Akkunn Tulum

Akkunn Tulum is one of the few places to stay in Tulum that offers an exclusive and luxurious place to stay. It promises to offer you with a unique “ancestral Mayan essence” like no other. Equipped with seven three-floor towers spread out across a wide beachfront area, Akun Tulum offers room categories that are diverse. One can choose from Garden View, Ocean View, or Jungle View. All rooms provide a spectacular view of the surrounding nature. 

Akkunn is a Malayan word that means “roots,” and this is exactly what this resort is trying to make their guests feel through its amenities. Here, one is promised to enjoy the moon casting its light over the ocean, or the harmonic sound made by the crashing sound of the waves, a refreshing beverage or handcrafted cocktails at their beach club, or a sun-kissed skin. 

Akkuun takes pride in their Ha’ana bar and restaurant that features cocktails that are based from the agriculture in the local area and a variety of mouthwatering dishes cooked in several ways. Their restaurant offers a wonderful sight of the Tulum sea. 

The resort also offers an infinity pool that is facing the wide ocean. This is the perfect resort for you if you’re planning to have a staycation whether alone or with someone you value dearly. Taking a dip in this pool or even in their ocean will wash away all that negativities and replace it with nothing but good vibes.

Complete your stay in Akkuun Tulum with their top-of-the-line wellness experience. Here, you get to satisfy your cravings both for your body, mind, and soul.

Photos courtesy of Akkunn Tulum.

Be Tulum

Another luxurious place you might want to consider is Be Tulum. It claims to offer you with “a carbon neutral stay.” 

This hotel is situated in the middle of a tropical forest, beautiful sea, and white sand — a breath of nature captured exclusively for its guests.

Since its goal is to minimize the carbon footprints as much as they can, the resort made an initiative to use natural materials as much as possible without compromising the experience that they are offering their guests. 

Be Tulum has 65 exclusive suites and 7 villas that’s good for all people from all walks of life. The resort also boasts of Yaa Wellness spa that also promises “healing regeneration and deep transformation in a magical and organic setting.” 

The Yaän Healing Sanctuary has services that are meant to cleanse both body and spirit. It is definitely something that you would want to avail or try when you choose this resort for your escapade. The spa also has a rooftop full of herbs and medical plants that might interest you. Plus, tea elixirs are complimentary too! You know what’s the best thing? Yäan’s healing water therapies of sauna, steam and pools are included if you avail of any of their treatments. 

An important thing to note with Be Tulum is that it is totally a CASH FREE HOTEL. This means that as of March 1, 2019, they do not accept cash and it is not possible that you pay in cash for all the services you avail in their consumption centers, such as their restaurants and bars. Payments can be made through credit or debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) or can be charged to your hotel room balance. 

Photos courtesy of Be Tulum.

NEST Tulum

The last luxury place to stay on our list is definitely not the least. It is dubbed as one of the original places in Tulum Beach, and offers a “magical setting for an authentic experience elevated by original architecture and exceptional service, in an intimate native beach setting.” One of the best things about this luxury place is that it has kept the minimalist design and culture originally inspired by the area before it was discovered as a tourist destination. 

NEST has a total of 12 guest rooms and a private villa, each comes with features that would make your entire stay stress free. They also have several restaurants and bars offering Mexican fusion and unique Mexican spirits, wines, and custom drinks. 

Complete your Mayan experience with ceremonies and classes that are all inspired by the place’s rich history. 

Have a romantic escape at NEST and enjoy sunsets, food, adn booze with your loved one in this resort. It is going to be worth it, and you know it.

On to plan our next adventure. We hope you enjoyed the Maldives experience. We’d love to hear your comments below and hear more about your experiences.


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