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Maldives Bubble Experience

Today we celebrated 20 years of marriage in the most unbelievable way in the most awe-inspiring place I’ve ever been in my life.  We enjoyed a relaxing day filled with great food and a CBD massage. The day finished with our butler picking us up to take us, by boat, to our private island bubble.

The Bubble is the most unique place you will ever stay. It’s a clear, inflatable structure with its own shower and water closet. It features a wood floor and 4 poster double bed and a telescope to watch the night sky. It is clear all around so you can see the ocean and sky from every angle. Don’t worry about privacy you are left alone for the night and a security guard stays on the other side of the foliage about 1,000 feet away to make sure no one comes around.

The Main Experience

To say this was the most unique experience of our lives is a massive understatement. We arrived at our bubble oasis by boat with our butler, chef and support staff to enjoy an amazing dinner on the beach. After a short walk along the beach we arrived and enjoyed a glass of champagne while they got dinner started. The rain rolled in 20 minutes after our arrival, but it only lasted about 15 minutes. We escaped the rain in our bubble while spinning Saturday Night Live on the record player. The acoustics in this thing are a trip because of the round shape – music would be loud and clear in one spot and you could step 2 feet sideways and barely hear it.

After the rain passed, we headed back out and were seated at a small concrete table dug into the sand. Dinner was beyond words, but the view was exponentially more breathtaking. The skies parted to give us a sailors delight sunset while we dined on steak and seafood prepared right on the beach next to us. As we moved to the main course the stars came out to greet us – along with some pretty big ass bats. We won’t talk about those freaky bastards.

The Finale

After dinner we were escorted to our bubble to retire for the night. Our chef and butler cleaned up and took the boat back to the main resort. Now there is the romance of being in a bubble, surrounded by the stars and waves crashing up on the beach as you sleep. While it was romantic the full moon that came out at 3am made for a very bright room and the waves are pretty damn loud in this thing. We had to laugh because it was such an awesome experience, this just added to the story.

At 6:30am we received our “warning call” from Razan, our butler, that they were on their way out to bring us breakfast. We greeted them as the sun came up on the most scenic piece of sand you’ll ever see. We enjoyed mimosas as they prepared breakfast for us. Breakfast did not disappoint – Fresh pastries, juice yogurt

Special thank you to our butler, Razan and the wonderful staff at @finolhu for making this experience so perfect.

On to plan our next adventure. We hope you enjoyed the Maldives experience. We’d love to hear your comments below and hear more about your experiences.


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I'm a 40 something father, husband and entrepreneur. I love to travel and experience life in between being involved with my son's activities, and running 4 companies, one of which I own with my wife of 21 years. One month after taking the plunge to do an epic 26 day trip from Sydney Australia to Honolulu Hawaii I had a heart attack. I survived because of the quick actions of my wife and the fact that I had been a triathlete for the years leading up to the event. Now, more than ever before, I appreciate what life has to offer and making time to go experience it, not just dream about it.

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