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Top 5 Places to Eat in South Lake Tahoe

Every trip is never complete without a food trip, and your trip to Lake Tahoe shouldn’t be any exception. In fact, Lake Tahoe offers a variety of food choices inspired by both local and international cuisines. It is an entirely different trip in itself, and it is an adventure worth doing when in Lake Tahoe.

The Tahoe food scene is so vast that we have decided to divide it into two major parts: North Shore and South Shore. Let’s eat around South Lake Tahoe’s and the incredible top five food places I personally recommend. They’re guaranteed to satisfy your food cravings and let you keep coming back for more. Then don’t miss the Top 5 on North Shore.

The Beacon

No Tahoe restaurant list is complete without The Beacon at Camp Richardson, South Lake Tahoe. This is the home of THE Original Tahoe Rum Runner, and when I say the original,  I really mean THE ORIGINAL — Ask a local or a Tahoe regular where to get a Rum Runner and they’ll send you here. 

Located on the beach, this place is just a few minutes drive from the Y in South Shore. The place is usually packed, so be sure to arrive early and then spend the rest of the day hanging out on the beach. They offer limited indoor dining but they do feature a huge outdoor patio. They also have live music during the summer months.

 Come and see why this place is considered to be the Best of Tahoe for several years now — and counting! 

Edgewood Tahoe

For golfers and golf enthusiasts, Edgewood Tahoe is for you. Located in Stateline, Nevada, this golf legend is the location of the Annual Celebrity Golf Classic. 

Edgewood is just 5 minutes from where I grew up and where I learned to play golf. Yeah, you read that right. I know that it didn’t suck to play golf here every day as a kid. Totally didn’t appreciate it as a kid, but I sure do now.

Edgewood Tahoe also features one of the most spectacular views in all of Lake Tahoe. To add, its menu also boasts of playful original flavors that you truly would love munching while marveling at the view.

Over the years, the property has expanded from the original Edgewood Restaurant to three spots where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal: The Bistro, Brooks Bar, and of course, Edgewood Restaurant.

Photos Courtesy of Edgewood Lake Tahoe

Friday's Station Steak and Seafood

Craving steak or seafood while in Lake Tahoe? Make your experience worthwhile by choosing to dine at the top of Harrah’s Lake Tahoe resort in Stateline, Nevada!

Welcome to Friday’s Station Steak & Seafood — a place that offers you nearly 360 degree views of the lake and Heavenly Valley Resort. If you’re staying at the casinos, this is a convenient spot. If you’re new to Tahoe, this is a must-see and a must-try dining place!

This was always our go to “nice restaurant” as a kid. Back then, it was an epic buffet known around the lake for elegant brunch and dinner buffets with the best view. I remember dressing up as a little kid with my parents to have dinner here before seeing a show. 

Specializing in certified Angus and USDA Choice beef, ocean-fresh seafood specials and tantalizing side dishes, all served up with a breathtaking panorama of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada’s, dramatic entrance and a 1,000-bottle display wine cellar. The restaurant is the proud recipient of the Wine Spectator Excellence Award.

Photos Courtesy of Friday's Station

Fire & Ice - Heavenly Village

For a unique DIY experience, Fire & Ice has you covered! Right in the heart of Heavenly Village, this is the perfect spot to enjoy your Mongolian style dinner. Pick what you want and watch them cook it right before your eyes! 

This place is perfect regardless of what occasion you’re celebrating. Their interactive experience includes choosing your own ingredients, sauces, and toppings, and creating a masterpiece in their open flame grill. Absolutely fascinating.

Personally, this is one of my favorite places for a casual dinner in South Shore and while the wait can be long especially during peak seasons, it’s worth the wait! 

Make sure to bring the family or group here when you visit South Shore, and party the night away!

Photos Courtesy of Fire & Ice Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Aleworx

Pizza and beer are always a good idea after bombing the mountain or a day boating the lake. Thankfully, Lake Tahoe Aleworx at The Y, South Shore, has you covered. This is arguably the best pizza in South Shore. What’s even better is that you get to enjoy this sumptuous food at their great outdoor patio with a fire pit. It’s perfect for a summer evening dinner or apres ski in the winter.

My wife never fails to get the Pear pizza every single time we visit the area. So if you’re not sure what to get, this might be your clue! 

You get a wristband to scan for your favorite beer and serve yourself! It feels like you’re walking in a club except that instead of VIP access you get beer. Just watch yourself, because it’s a little too easy to keep filling up your glass. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy some live music and get yourself acquainted with a community full of adventure-seeking, beer-loving folks like you! 

Photos Courtesy of Tahoe Aleworx

On to plan our next adventure. We hope you enjoyed the Maldives experience. We’d love to hear your comments below and hear more about your experiences.


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